Dominica Nature Isle

The Nature Island of the Caribbean. She is called the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean, because of her greenery and uniqueness. Dominica is (pronounced DOM-IN-EE-KA) and she has remained natural for thousands of years. Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica gained full independence on November 3, 1978. Dominica is filled with incredible nature, tropical scenery, beaches, forests, mountains, hot & cold springs, lakes and waterfalls, making it the perfect nature holiday destination. The people are warm and friendly, and their cuisine is as diverse as their origins. There is a wide variety of stunning flora and fauna, including several unique species to Dominica. With a typically tropical climate of abundant sunshine and rainfall, it is the ideal eco tourism and adventure vacation destination in the Caribbean.

Just as her people, so is she. Beautiful both on the outside and inside. Uniquely Natural. Naturally Unique. A rich tapestry of lush rain forests, rivers and waterfalls, with volcanic wonders on land and under the sea. The people of Dominica welcome you to share the beauty and tranquility of “Nature’s Island.” To discover the rich culture of the people. An enriching eco tourism experience. The physical challenge of extreme adventure. Or the serenity of a secluded spa retreat. When you discover Dominica, you discover yourself – and a Caribbean experience like no other.

Sitting halfway along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, Dominica is located just a few miles from Martinique to the south and Guadeloupe to the North. Stretching 751 km² (290 square miles), our island boasts 148 km (91 miles) of coastal line. Dominica’s official name is the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica,’ which is mostly referenced in official communications and to further distinguish the island from the Dominican Republic, its northerly Caribbean sister.

WE defy the Caribbean cliché on a number of levels. Our tourism sector is not as large as some other countries, and we do not have any white powdery beaches, or any rum-fueled pool parties. But we are a resilient people. Nicknamed ‘nature island’ for a reason, the island lures largely individualists and eco-adventurers with its Boiling Lake, Champagne Reef, rainforest-shrouded volcano, sulfurous hot springs, superb diving and the Caribbean’s first long-distance hiking trail. Dominica is a nature island still in infancy, formed by and developing by dynamic volcanic activity. This is evident in the many lakes, the bubbling sulfur springs and geysers, mud spots and thermal vents found island-wide. Dominica prides itself on being geographically identified for the second largest boiling lake in the world, second to New Zealand’s. This natural resource of geothermal energy is currently being studied as a powerful and unlimited source of renewable energy for the country.

The nature island’s mountainous terrain is draped in indigenous dense, lush vegetation. Peaks soaring past 4,500 feet are found toward the central part of the

island. An astounding 365 rivers and streams (one for each day of the year) coil their way through gorges giving way to spectacular waterfalls, lakes and pools. Appropriately, Dominica was called “Wai’tu kubuli”, which means “Tall is her body” by our ancient native inhabitants, the Caribs, and called Kairi by the Arawaks.

The Nature Isle’s dense rainforest is home to some very rare plant, animal, and bird species. Vibrant flora and fauna can be enjoyed where nature trails flourish. Some plants and animals thought to be extinct on surrounding islands can still be found in Dominica’s forests. The Imperial Amazon, also known as the Imperial Parrot or Sisserou Parrot is an Amazon parrot endemic to the mountain forests of the Nature Island, where it is the national bird and is featured on the Dominican flag. Come and be a part of this lovely paradise. The longer you wait the more you are gonna miss out.

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